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Albany Terror Suspect Has The Audacity To Demand Bail

Yassin Aref, 35, imam of the Masjid as-Salam mosque in Albany who has been incarcerated since September on terror related charges is currently seeking bail. According to an article which appeared in NY Newsday, Aref sought bail relief so that he could support his family.

The logic isn't forthcoming, since if he has sufficient funds to post a hypothetical "bail" then he would certainly be able to provide for his family. Similarly, if the "community" was able to raise funds to support bail, then they could alleviate any hardship the family might be experiencing. The real motivation behind the bail action is likely to be more nefarious.

For background on this case see: Washington Post and Not suprisingly, CAIR and Islamic forums rallied around the suspects when they were first arrested 18 months ago. The defense team originally called the whole affair a "joke".

CAIR Supports Deported Physician Who Was Linked To Terror Organization

CAIR announced it's support for physician, Dr. Nadeem Hassan who was deported after U.S. officials learned of his links to Jamaat al Tabligh (a group the State Department has listed as terrorists). See background here.
The Arizonia Republic has an excellent article summarizing the issues.

It appears that this wasn't a "random event" and that the Feds had some "probable cause". It is reassuring to know that the FBI is performing the necessary surveillance. According to a homeland security spokesperson, "We operate on intelligence," he said. "Intelligence does not discriminate. It simply gives our personnel the specific information they need to target a bad actor."

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American Media Hoodwinked by CAIR In my prior post...

American Media Hoodwinked by CAIR

In my prior post, I highlighted the duplicity being perpetrated on the American public by CAIR. Now, the American Press has swallowed and regurgitated CAIR's lies hook, line, and sinker. Virtually every large media outlet has promoted CAIR's "efforts" to free kidnapped reporter Jill Caroll including, The Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, ABC News, Washington Post, and sadly even Fox News.

Now, I suppose that each one of these outlets has "experienced reporters" who were actually educated in professional schools of journalism. Admittedly, my reporting experience was limited to a couple of specialized "school" newspapers during my long educational career. Still, I managed to acquire the most rudimentary fundamentals of writing a news article.

The five W's - Taught to me in the earliest years of primary school, the Five W's (and H) "Who, What, Where, When & How" are principles on which every news story is created.

That being said, let's look at how they faired. Let's apply the Five W's to the Washington Post article, since it was the most comprehensively written of the ones mentioned.

Who: "Two members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations..."

What, Where, When & How: "...flew to Baghdad Saturday and appealed for the release of American journalist Jill Carroll ..."

WHY: ? Again, I poured over the article trying to find out why the CAIR "representatives" flew to Baghdad. Not a single media outlet seemed to be able to include this vitally important detail in any of their stories.

One doesn't have to do much "investigative reporting" to discover CAIR's rationale. In fact, all I had to do was browse their website and read one of their press releases. CAIR writes, “We, the undersigned representatives of the American Muslim community, call for the immediate and unconditional release of Jill Carroll, a journalist with a well-documented record of objective reporting and respect for both the Iraqi people and Arab-Islamic culture. We ask that her captors show mercy and compassion by releasing her so that she may return to her family. Certainly, no cause can be advanced by harming a person who only sought to let the world know about the human suffering caused by the conflict in Iraq.”

That's it, the Why. CAIR is plying for her release, not because it is their moral obligation to do so, but because, Ms. Caroll has "respect for both the Iraqi people and Arab-Islamic culture," and " cause can be advanced by harming a person who only sought to let the world know about the human suffering caused by the conflict in Iraq".

It is ironic that CAIR has been seemingly unable to muster even the most simple statements, let alone sending a "delegation" when other Americans genuinely committed to alleviating the suffering of the Iraqi people such as , Nick Berg, Jack Hensley, and Paul M. Johnson, Jr. were kidnapped and eventually executed in the name of Islam.

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CAIR Shills For Captured U.S. Reporter Jill Caroll...

CAIR Shills For Captured U.S. Reporter Jill Caroll, But Why?

CAIR leaders announced their intent to send a delegation to Iraq to help secure the release of kidnapped Christian Science Monitor reporter, Jill Caroll. On the surface, it seems to be a rather noble gesture, yet one has to question why CAIR is suddenly interested in the fate of any kidnapped Americans in Iraq given its past silence on the issue. A quick read of CAIR's statement reveals their true motivation, " for the immediate and unconditional release of Jill Carroll, a journalist with a well-documented record of objective reporting and respect for both the Iraqi people and Arab-Islamic culture. (emphasis mine)".

Noted Blogger Debbie Schlussel observered about an editorial which appeared in the Jordan Times, that "...if you are an American citizen who supports American policy in the Middle East, and you are kidnapped by insurgents, you are the "right target." You deserved it and should be beheaded.But if you oppose U.S. policy in the Mid-East, LIKE JILL CARROLL DOES, then you are the "wrong target." It appears that CAIR shares a similar rationale with the Jordan Times. Try discovering CAIR's efforts or statements to free Jack Hensley (a construction worker), Nick Berg (civilian contractor), or any of the other Americans who were kidnapped and executed in Iraq - you won't find any.


Media Gives Pass To John Walker Lindh - Publishes ...

Media Gives Pass To John Walker Lindh - Publishes Father's Outrageous Claims

The Mainstream Media frequently appears to side with or at a minimum appease terrorist actions. In this latest move, CNN provided coverage of a recent rant by notorious American terrorist John Walker Lindh's father, Frank Lindh. Mr. Lindh claims among other things, "What happened unfortunately for John is that the United States made an abrupt change after the 9/11 attacks," Frank Lindh said. "We switched sides. John was on the ground there when that happened. He certainly didn't go to Afghanistan to do anything against America. He never fought against America. He never fired a gun at an American. He was simply rescued."

The evidence suggests a different story. According to the "Statement of Facts" signed by Mr. Lindh as part of his plea agreement, JWL was an active and willing warrior in a known terrorist organization.

The original indictment was evening more damning, From Count 1, Conspiracy to commit murder...

"11. In or about June and July 2001, LINDH remained at the al-Farooq camp and participated fully in its training activities, after having been told early in his stay at the camp that Bin Laden had sent forth some fifty people to carry out twenty suicide terrorist operations against the United States and Israel.12. In or about June and July 2001, as part of his al Qaeda training, LINDH participated in terrorist training courses in, among other things, weapons, orienteering, navigation, explosives and battlefield combat, which included the use of shoulder weapons, pistols, and rocket-propelled grenades, and the construction of Molotov cocktails.13. In or about June or July 2001, LINDH met personally with Bin Laden, who thanked him and other trainees for taking part in jihad.14 In or about June or July 2001, LINDH met with a senior al Qaeda official, Abu Mohammad Al-Masri, who asked LINDH whether he was interested in traveling outside Afghanistan to conduct operations against the United States and Israel. LINDH declined in favor of going to the front lines to fight.15. In or about June or July 2001, LINDH swore allegiance to jihad.16. In or about July or August 2001, after completing his training, LINDH traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan and was issued an AKM rifle, with a barrel suitable for long-range shooting.17. In or about July or August 2001, LINDH carried the AKM rifle while he traveled, together with approximately 15O non-Afghani fighters, from Kabul to the front line in Takhar, in northeastern Afghanistan. There, LINDH's unit was placed under the command of Abdul Hady, an Iraqi. 20. After learning about the terrorist attacks against the United States on or about September 11, 2001, LINDH remained with his fighting group. LINDH did so despite having been told that Bin Laden had ordered the attacks, that additional terrorist attacks were planned, and that additional al Qaeda personnel were being sent from the training camps to the front lines to protect Bin Laden and defend against an anticipated military response from the United States.21. From in or about October through early December 2001, LINDH remarried with his fighting group after learning that United States military forces and United States nationals had become directly engaged in support of the Northern Alliance in its military conflict with Taliban and al Qaeda forces. "

Hardly the "choir boy" or should we say "muhammed boy" that his father made him out to be. For a list of the documents filed in the JWL case.

Update!!! Arizona Physician Deported Update!!!
Arizona physican, Nadeem Hassan who was linked to terror organizations has been deported!

Arizona Physician Tied To Terror Organization
A 41 year old physician living in Arizona has recently been detained upon returning to the U.S. Nadeem Hassa, a gastroenterologist has ties to an organization Jamaat al Tabligh (Society That Propagates the Faith) which the State Department has listed as a terrorist group. Some information on JAT's ties to terror in the U.S. and around the world can be found here:
and the State Department's discussion on Al-Qaeda connections,
And while JAT may be regarded in some circles as a fundamentalist or ultra-orthodox group united to spread the word of Islam, and in particular Sharia, it has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for terrorists. See above link, and

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Mosque Members in California Fearful of Business Security Camera
Members of a Mosque in Freemont California (not far from where I used to live) are frightened by the appearance of a security camera mounted on an auto parts store across the street. The degree of paranoia is amazing - ``We don't know who is doing it,'' Agha Saeed, a respected member of the Bay Area's Muslim community and national chairman for the American Muslim Alliance, told IA. ``But they're obviously targeting the religious community. And that just is vicious McCarthyism and Stalinism.''
Perhaps, Mr. Saeed ought to look around at the local 7-11 or even glance at the freeway. The odds are that a camera might be pointed at him. As I stated before in the article about CAIR joining the ACLU in bringing suit against the Feds, I would pose a similar question to Mr. Saeed, "What are you hiding?"
But who is Mr. Saeed and why is he so worried? A search of Mr. Saeed leads one to several sources where he is referred as a "Professor of Political Science at California State University, Hayward". The truth according to CSU's website is a bit less impressive, listing Mr. Saeed as a "lecturer" in the department of "communications". Perhaps someone was confused?
Anyhow, here's another link on Mr. Saeed and his "activism"
Mr. Saeed is no stranger to controversy and unusual things seem to happen to those around him. Take for instance this alleged shooting aimed at his wife, And who could forget the threatening phone calls linked to an article criticizing his organization,
Do I sense a cross between Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

Muslims In N.J. Fighting With Other Minorities
Apparently, Hispanic and Arab students are clashing in Patterson, N.J. This past week, an Arab student was allegedly stabbed by another Hispanic student. This episode represents a continued "cycle of violence" between these two communities, though I can't seem to find any "occupation" rationale for the behavior. One student was quoted, "The Arabics say that the Dominicans be fightin' them," Edmonds said, as she sat across the street from the high school with a group of her girlfriends during lunch break Thursday. "The Arabic girls say that the Dominican girls are lesbians. The Dominican girls say the Arabic girls will blow up the school."
Why can't they seem to play nicely together?

CAIR joins ACLU lawsuit against Fed Wiretaps
CAIR anounced today that they were joining the ACLU in filing a federal lawsuit against the NSA surveillance program in which certain overseas telephone calls were monitored. One can easily understand the ACLU's motivation for filing the brief as they have a long track record of opposing any government or law enforcement initiatives where individual liberties are perceived to be in jeopardy, but why is CAIR involved? A better question might be, "what are they hiding?"
I can't seem to find any concern expressed by the ADL, Mexican-American groups, or even from the African American leadership. So again, the question must be asked, "what is CAIR hiding?"

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Defense Lawyers Seek Dismissal In Hayat Terror Case
Last May, a 22 year-old Pakistani-American, Hamid Hayat was identified as being on the "No Fly" list during an FBI survilance check of inbound passengers. His flight was diverted to Japan, where he denied any terrorist connections when questioned by an FBI agent. The flight was allowed to continue to the U.S. where Mr. Hayat disembarked for his home in Lodi, CA. Several days later, he was questioned again by the FBI where he repeated his denials. On June 5th of 2005, Mr. Hayat voluntarily submitted to a polygraph examination at the FBI in Sacremento, CA. He failed the test. After several additional hours of questioning, Mr. Hayat admitted to attending an Al-Qaeda terrorist training camp for six months where he received extensive instruction in weapons and explosives training. His father, Umer confessed to lying to FBI officials about his son's whereabouts. On June 7th a criminal complaint was filed outlining the initial charges against the Hayat's.
This past week, lawyers for the defendants filed a brief requesting dismissal, " because the government sought to improperly influence potential jurors by spreading information about the case.
'The government's conduct, coupled with the widespread national media attention this case has received, confirms that the defendants could not have a fair trial with an impartial jury anywhere in the United States,' lawyers Wazhma Mojaddidi and Johnny Griffin wrote."
Like the 9/11 perpetrators, the Hayats moved freely in society and had some degree of integration. Neighbors described them as being well liked, noting that . " ...they were so nice." Of course, they were well connected in the local Mosque where they were equally regarded.
The only concerned mustered by the ACLU and CAIR was an allegation of civil rights violations.


Who is M. Zuhdi Jasser and why should you CAIR?

What evil crime could a Muslim physician living in Arizona commit and why would CAIR and an Islamic paper even care?

Jasser, a 37 year old internist co-founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy This Phoenix organization was one of the first created by Muslims to promote a tolerant form of Islam compatible with a secular, democratic nation.

So, wherein lies the rub? In a recent Islamic publication The Muslim Voice, Dr. Jesser was portrayed in a cartoon (see above left) as a dog devouring an Imam (one of the greatest insults in Islam). He is being held on the leash of the newspaper, The Arizona Republic, which is shaking hands with a Jewish caricature and some other un-identifiable characters.

But why? Insofar as I can tell, Dr. Jasser has done nothing wrong other than to promote his organization whose principles include

What's the connection to CAIR? According to Dr. Jesser, CAIR-AZ and the Muslim Voice share office space and CAIR-AZ has been involved with ongoing criticism of the Arizonia Republic Newspaper.

Why should CAIR and the Muslim Voice feel so threatened by Dr. Jesser and his viewpoint? Read this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer Personally, I feel that Dr. Jesser is one of the few moderate Muslims in America whereas the "Wahabbi Lobby" dominates most mosques, schools, and the political network. Unfortunately, Dr. Jesser and I part company on the issue of a "civil war" in the ranks of Islam. There isn't any and the Fundamentalists are ruling the day as Steven Schwartz, author of "The Two Faces of Islam" notes:

Ann Arbor Area Pool Institutes First Phase of Sharia Law In U.S.

Several days ago, I was shocked to receive an email from a friend of mine who lives in Ann Arbor Michigan. Situated about a half-hour west of Detroit, Ann Arbor is host to The University of Michigan. As a university town, Ann Arbor attracts denziens of counter-culture folks. It is a surreal world of abject leftists and college students plying for an education. Ann Arbor has a Jewish community of approximately 5000 (out of 120,000 residents) and a growing community of vociferous Muslims (estimated at about 5000). With the rising Muslim community, attracted by the "tolerance" afforded by a contingency sympathetic to their causes, so too has risen the pervasive number of anti-Semitic incidents.

In the last several years, Ann Arbor has experienced the following anti-Semitic events:

In addition the University actively promotes anti-Israel professors including the notorious Juan Cole.

So, how does this all fit with the "Fifth Column"? Two new landmark events have affected this little slice of "Americana" which also have profound implications for the rest of us. The first one follows:

Last summer a young Muslim girl went to a local pool dressed in "long gym pants, a head covering and a long-sleeved collared shirt". When she entered the pool she was purportedly told to exit because her outfit was in violation of health and safety regulations. According to the information provided by the Washtenaw County website, the Pools and Recreation Department follow the State of Michigan's provisions as mandated by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Rule 325.3192 sec 6 states ( , "...a person wearing street clothes or shoes, is not permitted in a swimming pool". Typically this type of rule is enacted for hygenic as well as safety reasons.

In the interim, both the Michigan ACLU headed by a self-loathing Jew named Michael Steinberg and representatives from CAIR took up the cause. As a result, the county commisioners caved in and will permit such garb. County Commissioner Conan Smith, D-Ann Arbor mistakenly remarked, "We're a country built on tolerance and we have an obligation.'' Well, Mr. Smith, the United States was a nation built on the rule of law not simply "tolerance".

Who is this Comissioner Smith? According to his bio ( Mr. Smith, a dyed-in-the-wool leftist, "is active in the community through his involvement with the Sierra Club, the NAACP, the ACLU and the Public Interest Research Group in Michigan. " Email Mr. Smith at: or call him at: (734)662-0268

The full article can be found here:

Swimwear policy to accommodate religious requirements
Washtenaw County to become 1st Michigan county to implement such a policy
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
BY ART AISNER News Staff Reporter
On one of the last days of school last June, Ann Arbor resident Jumanah Saadeh, then 13, changed into long gym pants, a head covering and a long-sleeved collared shirt and joined her classmates from Ann Arbor Open School at the Rolling Hills Water Park in Ypsilanti.
The outfit was in accordance with Islam's modesty requirements, but violated health and safety regulations at the pool and lifeguards ordered her out of the water.
"This was a terribly humiliating incident for her and she felt like she was forced to choose between her religious beliefs and her classmates,'' said Michael Steinberg, legal director with the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan.
After six months of planning, the county's Park and Recreation Commission is expected tonight to unanimously pass the first swimwear policy to accommodate individuals who cannot wear traditional swimsuits for religious reasons.
Washtenaw County is slated to become the first county in Michigan and possibly the nation to implement such a policy.
Steinberg, an Ann Arbor resident, said the family and school officials contacted him about the incident, prompting him to draft a letter to Parks Director Robert Tetens saying that staff violated the girl's constitutional rights to religious accommodation.
Saadeh and her family could not be reached for comment for this story, but they did attend meetings where the new policy was developed, officials said.
Fearing that someone could be seriously injured or worse and that the county, as well as their teenaged lifeguards, could be held legally responsible, Tetens said staff acted appropriately.
"There was some definite exposure there, no question.'' Tetens said. "Anyone who's ever jumped into the water in street clothes or some clothing knows how difficult it can be to move.''
Executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Dawud Walid said his organization has received only a few similar complaints over the years but noted that may be because many Muslims avoid public pools strictly because of the clothing issue.
In Islam, females approaching puberty must have their head covered, and body covered from their neck to their ankles at all times in public, said Walid. The clothing should not be form fitting.
Males may be shirtless but must be covered from above the belly button to the knee cap in non-form fitting attire, he said.
Similar requirements are customary for Orthodox Jews and the Amish, county officials said.
The proposed policy, which will apply to all county aquatic facilities, is intended to provide guidelines that protect public health and safety while accommodating the diverse community. Street clothes and shoes remain prohibited in the water, but unlike the state regulations, the proposal defines street clothes.
The parks will accommodate those who cannot wear traditional bathing suits for religious reasons by permitting appropriate clothing with the following conditions:
Clothing must allow free movement of arms and legs and be free from hardware such as belts, buckles and rivets.
The clothing material must be lightweight as to not inhibit a patron's movement or weigh them down in the pool. Fabric such as nylon, polyester, Lycra or thin cotton are acceptable.
Clothing also must not be so loose that it could cause entanglement, entrapment or strangulation in pool equipment.
The parks have allowed T-shirts and other torso coverings in the pools for years, as long as patrons wear swimsuits as well.
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality prohibits wearing street clothes in public pools but left it up to local communities to define what street clothes are, Tetens said.
Not even Dearborn, noted for having one of the largest Muslim populations in the country, has a written policy to address the matter at its nine pool facilities.
"We treat everyone the same way and there's no exception,'' said Eric Peterson, deputy director of recreation for the city of Dearborn. Peterson said the city falls back on the DEQ regulations and strictly prohibits head garments and any clothing other than lined swimsuits in the water due to public health concerns.
"It may seem like we're being hard-nosed, but we have to be consistent.''
Crafting a policy that allowed observant people of multiple religions to swim in public while wearing clothes is the first of a three-pronged approach to the issue, said County Commissioner Conan Smith, D-Ann Arbor, who also sits on the Parks Commission.
Park staff will also receive religious sensitivity training to learn about the different faiths practiced by patrons so they are better prepared to handle future situations, Smith said.
Commissioners also felt it was important to offer alternatives and, in addition to the swimsuits already on sale at the facilities, the county will offer inexpensive long nylon pants and long-sleeved shirts that meet safety regulations and respect religious requirements.
"This way we won't have to limit access to the pool,'' Smith said. "We're a country built on tolerance and we have an obligation.''
Walid said that upon approval in Washtenaw County, CAIR may present similar proposals to state legislators.
"We were just as surprised to learn there hasn't been any pool policies before this and we'd like to see if it's possible to implement a law in Michigan that accommodates religion in public pools,'' he said.
Art Aisner can be reached at or (734) 994-6823.

Inauguration Statement

Today, marks the inauguration of a new blog, "The Fifth Column Report". The "Fifth Column" refers to a secret subversive group that works against a country or organization from the inside. This term was first coined by General Emilio Mola during the Spanish Civil War in a radio broadcast on October 16, 1936, in which he said that he had una quinta columna ("a fifth column") of sympathizers for General Franco among the Republicans holding the city of Madrid, and it would join his four columns of troops when they attacked.

"The Fifth Column Report" is a blog dedicated to exposing the "Fifth Column" operating in the United States. Please join me as we reveal the insidious assault on the American way of life, its values, and laws.

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