Monday, March 30, 2009


Obama Promises "Green" White House

Buried inside of today's news stories, AP reporter Nancy Benac championed the "green" side of our nation's first African American President. Perhaps, "cheerleading" would have been a more appropriate description of the AP reporter's efforts. Since, the AP Gestapo has attacked bloggers around the world for excerpting their work - even when properly attributed, I dare not reprint Benac's natural fertilizer here. Suffice it to say that Ms. Benac summarized some of the "green initiatives" of prior Presidents before waxing (organic of course) the poetic of Obama and Company. She lovingly detailed the eco-green garden that the First Lady planted along with the kids enviornmentally friendly wooden swingset. Not to be outdone, we learn that the POTUS tiptoes around at night (hopefully in animal friendly hemp socks - no, no not the kind you smoke Barack) turning lights off.

Unfortunately, Ms. Benac seemingly fails to provide a more realistic picture of our POTUS' true carbon footprints. According to the website, the POTUS should be applauded for turning out the lights. A single 100 Watt lightbulb burning four hours a day results in the emission of roughly 60 kg of CO2/year ( I have no way of fact checking this data, but let's assume it's true.)

But what of Barack's other not-so-green habits? According to the Chicago Tribune (yes, I chose that paper because it's close to Barack's heart), online "Carbon calculators" vary widely. Nonetheless, we learn that the average American's habits contribute to the emission approximately 22 tons of CO2/year, most of which is related to air travel. That's bad news for Barack, who seemingly loves to fly around in his Carbon spewing, global warming Air Force One (not to mention Marine One or his fancy limousine). According to one online Carbon calculator, a little trip from D.C. to Chicago in Barack's 747-200 series emits some 285,000 kg of CO2. This one flight to Chicago and back seemingly accounts for more CO2 emission than the total emissions attributable to the average American for an entire year! I hope the POTUS brings along a lot of friends so that they share carbon credits and reduce their individual footprint sizes. Barack has a lot of tiptoing to do as this flight would require the equivalent of turning off some nearly 5000 lights a day for a whole year. How's that for being "Carbon neutral?"

On the home front, things aren't a whole lot better. The White House is a gargantuan complex teaming with carbon belching electronics at every turn. At over 55,000 square feet spread over 18 acres, the White House is a veritable air-clogging smokestack. Since, the White House's energy consumption is classified, one can only guess at the amount of Carbon that it emits. Based on conservative estimates, one could calculate that the White House accounts for a low of 366,000 kg of CO2/year from its size alone to an outrageously inflated figure of 100,000 kg of CO2/ day derived from a "purported" energy bill of $25,000/day. Michelle better get busy digging a few more holes in the garden if she wants to do something about all of that Carbon. If we were to take the lowest figure of 366,000 kg of CO2/year, Michelle would have to plant over 20,000 hardwood trees to offset the White House's emissions for one year. That's a whole lot of footprints in a forest! And let's not even broach the fact that hubby loves turning up the thermostat!

Speaking of smokestacks, at least, Barack can feel rest assured that his smoking habit isn't too big of a strain on our planet's health. According to Greenopolis, he would have to smoke some 70-80 cigarettes to generate the equivalent CO2 emission of the average car driving one mile. So. I guess there is some truth to that addage of walking a mile for a Camel, though the average camel produces some 58 kg of methane/yr. which of course is a green house gas too... At least cigarettes are somewhat biodegradeable assuming that Barack smokes the unfiltered types. Then again, the tobacco was probably grown with petroleum based fertilizers that ultimately make our pretty little planet sad.

A note to Ms. Benac: Contrary to your assertions and flag waving, there is nothing "green" at all about the POTUS or the White House. Stop spreading your refuse as journalism and filling the minds of susceptible people with crap. Do the ecologically correct thing and dispose of this garbage.

P.S. I take no responsibility for any of the CO2 figures listed here. They were all derived from readily available calculators on the internet and their veracity is unsubstantiated. Proving once again, that all of this is a load of compost.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Times Online UK Perpetuates Anti-Israel Stance

Who could forget this disturbing image published by the NY Times in September of 2000? It was subsequently determined that the photograph was mislabeled and the bloodied individual captured in the photograph was not a "Palestinian" but a Jewish student from Chicago, Tuvia Grossman. The policeman was rescuing Mr. Grossman and his friends after they were savagely beaten by Palestinian mobs in the streets of Jerusalem and not on the Temple Mount as indicated in the caption. Irrespective of the facts, the intent on the part of the media was clear; depict the Israelis as aggressors and Palestinians as victims.

Over the intervening years, the media has continued its propaganda assault against the Jewish state, both in print, in video, and in photographs. In keeping with this tradition of vile anti-Israel hatred, the Times Online UK has produced the latest misleading photograph which appeared in today's version of its Middle East news.

Here's the page in it's original context:

Look at the unsettling image in the lower middle portion of the page. It appears to be a man whose face is contorted with rage, wielding an axe in a rather menacing pose. Read the caption below the photograph:

Who is the man with the axe? Is he a "resident" or a "Jewish rightwinger?" The caption is deliberately vague though a mouse roll over reveals the truth:

Clicking on the "slide show" link confirms the correct caption for the photograph of the axe brandishing maniac is in fact an Arab and not one of the Israeli protesters. I doubt a correction or retraction will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Now that the government has abandoned the "War on Terror" in favor of the P.C. "overseas contingency operation" a reminder is in order. Watch Fitna and recall who and why we are fighting.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interview Ali-Soutak, Palestinian teen show, PA TV, March 8, 2009

This just in from: Palestinian Media Watch

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interviewed today live on a PA TV program for teenagers. The following is a transcript of the interview:

Boy host:
"You have just finished meeting with the Palestinian children in the Access program. Can you tell us, what do you think of such a program and of the students involved?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"First of all, I am delighted to be on your program and I thank you for giving me the opportunity. I think it is very important to have a program run by young people about speaking about speaking out and I just saw some very impressive people. The students in this access program that I visited were incredibly smart, asked great questions, their English was really good and I am proud to say that we are expanding on the access programs..." [talks more about being happy to be on show]

Girl host:
"The access program is an exchange program funded by the American government. What role do such programs play in bridging the gap between cultures and what can be done to make them 2 way exchange programs?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"I am hoping to play a big role in working to connect the Palestinian people and American people more closely. As you know, we have many Palestinian Americans, we have very successful Palestinians in every walk of life; in business, in academia, you name it, in every walk of life. And I want to do more to connect up our two countries. Our people, having the Palestinian people feel that they have a better understanding of the United States and having the American people feel like they have a better understanding of the Palestinian people."

Boy host:
"Both you and President Obama have spoken about your interest in bringing about a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinian people. What are the concrete steps that you are planning to take to bring out such an agreement?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"Well, we already have taken some. One of my first recommendations to president Obama was to appoint Senator Mitchell as our Middle East Envoy, to do it immediately and to send him to the region to begin his work and the president and I were able to make that announcement on the second day of the administration. Senator Mitchell left on one of the first few days. We wanted to send a very clear message to the Palestinian people, to the Israeli people to the region that this administration is dedicated to working towards a two state solution. My appearance at Sharm El Sheikh at the Gaza reconstruction conference hosted by the Egyptians, was intended to send another message; that the United States will commit nine hundred million dollars to the people of Gaza because we want to alleviate humanitarian suffering in Gaza but some of that money will also go to the West Bank because the work being done by President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad is very effective and successful and we want to support that. Of course once an Israeli government is formed, Senator Mitchell will go back and talk with them."

Girl host:
"Before becoming the Secretary of State you were the senator, governor, and first lady and first woman candidate for presidency. What would be your added value as a woman to such a position?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"I have had an extraordinary experience. I have been so honored to hold these positions in my country, to work with my husband Bill Clinton who as you know was very committed to bringing about a two state solution with Palestinian and Israeli people. I have been the senator in New York and I will continue my work on children's rights and women's rights to better economic opportunity to better understanding around the world and now as Secretary of State I feel very privileged to represent President Obama who is reaching out to the world, making it clear that the United States wants people to have a better future."

Girl host:
"We have taken our cameras to the streets and asked many young Palestinians about questions they want to ask you. A little young girl from a village in Ramallah wants to know what you would do if your daughter Chelsea was unfortunate enough to have been born under occupation, to be born deprived of freedom and liberty?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"Well I would do what so many parents here in the West Bank and in Gaza do. I would love her, I would take care of her, I would get the best education I could for her, and I would never lose hope, I would never give up on the dream of a Palestinian State. No matter what happens, no matter what people do to try and derail that dream. I would tell my daughter and I would hope my daughter would believe with all of her heart that she has the same opportunities for the best future that any child anywhere in the world does and that's what my goal will be."

Boy host:
"Many of our viewers are young Palestinians. What message would you deliver to young Palestinians, many of whom have lost hope in justice and can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"I understand the frustration and sense of hopelessness that can sometimes effect peoples thinking and feeling but I believe that with all my heart that there is no excuse for hopelessness. There is always the possibility of the human spirit that can overcome any barrier. Not violence, not rejectionism and despair but constantly making it clear that human beings deserve the same rights no matter who you are and what you are and where you live; that's why getting an education is so important. That's why meeting these young students in access and talking to the two of you fills me with hope. Now there have to be changes and the United States is committed to a two state solution. I met with Palestinian leaders, I met with Israeli leaders, I have delivered the same message to everyone I met with. We are committed to working towards a two state solution and I have to say that the work that President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad have done have given every young Palestinian not just hope, but conviction that it is possible, because you should have seen the presentation that President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad gave in Sharm El Sheikh; among the best I have ever seen from anyone. The written materials, the specifics. People came to Sharem El Sheikh willing to give money to help the people in Gaza. But after hearing that they nearly doubled their commitment. Because it is not just a question of hope. You have to have a clear program. You can't just say "here I am, help me" you have to say "Here's what I'm doing to help myself, here's what I've accomplished, now it's your turn." You shift the burden and that's what president Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad have done and that is what the United States is committed to doing. Both Israelis and Palestinians are looking towards the day when Israelis can live in security, because that's of course a very legitimate concern, and the Palestinian people can live in security in their own state and shape their own destiny."

Boy host:
"The 8th of March is international women's day. Your Excellency has become a role model for many women around the world. Do you have any plan to empower women on the level of political participation, negotiations, and peace making? "

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"Yes, I am all of that. I am committed to the rights of girls and women to live up to their God given potential. When I see a young woman like you sitting next to an impressive young man, I see the future and I see that we are using the talents of everyone. Any country that does not utilize the talents of half the population will never be as successful as they could be and that's just I think an obvious fact. So I am going to do as Secretary of State what I have done all my life. I will stand up for women's rights. Stand up for women to have the same chances as boys, for daughters to have the same support as sons, because we all have different talents, we have all been endowed with different talents and society must recognize that so that's my goal. I will work very very hard towards that." [Expresses thanks for being invited.]
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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Former First Lady Barbara Bush Has Heart Surgery

But How Would She Fair Under The Obama Health System?

Former First Lady, Barbara Bush underwent Aortic Valve replacement yesterday. The otherwise vigorous 83 year-old Mrs. Bush was said to be recovering well at Methodist Hospital in Houston. According to former President George H.W. Bush, "I am very impressed with and grateful to the wonderful team of doctors and nurses at The Methodist Hospital who have helped Barbara. We have every confidence she is in the best hands."

The former First Lady underwent the procedure after she presented to her doctors last week with shortness of breath and presumably tests indicated that the Aortic Valve was in need of replacement.

We wish Mrs. Bush all of the best and hope for a speedy recovery, but lost in this story is a larger, more compelling question; How would Mrs. Bush have fared under a Socialist, Obama-style health care system?
The answer is, not good. Looking at our closest neighbor to the north with a government led health care system, one the Obama administration admires, the most recent studies demonstrate that Canadian "wait times" are excessive, leading to "costs not only on the patients themselves, but also on the economy as a whole".

While this study didn't look specifically at Aortic Valve replacements, the average "wait time" for a Coronary Arterial Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery, a procedure similar to the one that former First Lady Bush underwent less than a week after her diagnosis, was 25 days. That's right, it took nearly a month before the average Canadian citizen received a CABG. More astounding is that CABG surgery patients experienced the shortest"wait times" of the four types of procedures studied. Patients requiring joint replacement surgery waited on average 92 days, cataract surgery, 85 days, and those patients waiting for an MRI had to hobble around for nearly two months before receiving their scans. The economic costs and human tolls are staggering and are detailed as well.

Had Mrs. Bush been visiting her friend the Queen mum and needed similar surgery, the circumstances could have been even worse. Wait lists for "free" health care in Britain are so long that travel agencies are offering "sun and surgery" package vacations to developing countries. Flying to places such as India and Malaysia cost less than paying for "private" surgery in Britain and in many cases health care standards are higher. At any given time nearly one million British citizens are on waiting lists for admission to hospitals. The quality of care in the National Health System is so poor, that the newspapers are rife with stories of denial of care, refusal to pay for medicines, withheld treatments, wrong treatments, etc.

Instead of traveling east, had the former First Lady been touring in another English speaking, socialized medicine country, she would have needed to bring some extra suitcases. The average wait times for heart surgery have dramatically increased in New Zealand to over 60 days! And the data compiled wasn't for ordinary heart disease, but for critical, life-threatening procedures.

It is ironic that as our former First Lady is recovering from a remarkable surgery made possible by the medical advances pioneered in this great country of ours, that Obama is launching his initial attempt to destroy the very health system that led to all of these innovations. As our country is sliding down into the depths of an economic depression unlike any in the history of man, our President fears not. Instead of focusing on correcting our economic collapse, Obama chooses to build "bridges to nowhere" while deconstructing one of our finest technological industries, the American Health Care System.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The New Porkulous Symbol

Michelle Malkin highlights the new Obama Porkulous symbol which will be attached to every new bridge to nowhere or associated spending projects and she proposes some alternative versions. Here's the original and the one which we find more appropriate:

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