Saturday, January 14, 2006


Who is M. Zuhdi Jasser and why should you CAIR?

What evil crime could a Muslim physician living in Arizona commit and why would CAIR and an Islamic paper even care?

Jasser, a 37 year old internist co-founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy This Phoenix organization was one of the first created by Muslims to promote a tolerant form of Islam compatible with a secular, democratic nation.

So, wherein lies the rub? In a recent Islamic publication The Muslim Voice, Dr. Jesser was portrayed in a cartoon (see above left) as a dog devouring an Imam (one of the greatest insults in Islam). He is being held on the leash of the newspaper, The Arizona Republic, which is shaking hands with a Jewish caricature and some other un-identifiable characters.

But why? Insofar as I can tell, Dr. Jasser has done nothing wrong other than to promote his organization whose principles include

What's the connection to CAIR? According to Dr. Jesser, CAIR-AZ and the Muslim Voice share office space and CAIR-AZ has been involved with ongoing criticism of the Arizonia Republic Newspaper.

Why should CAIR and the Muslim Voice feel so threatened by Dr. Jesser and his viewpoint? Read this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer Personally, I feel that Dr. Jesser is one of the few moderate Muslims in America whereas the "Wahabbi Lobby" dominates most mosques, schools, and the political network. Unfortunately, Dr. Jesser and I part company on the issue of a "civil war" in the ranks of Islam. There isn't any and the Fundamentalists are ruling the day as Steven Schwartz, author of "The Two Faces of Islam" notes:


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