Thursday, January 19, 2006


CAIR Shills For Captured U.S. Reporter Jill Caroll...

CAIR Shills For Captured U.S. Reporter Jill Caroll, But Why?

CAIR leaders announced their intent to send a delegation to Iraq to help secure the release of kidnapped Christian Science Monitor reporter, Jill Caroll. On the surface, it seems to be a rather noble gesture, yet one has to question why CAIR is suddenly interested in the fate of any kidnapped Americans in Iraq given its past silence on the issue. A quick read of CAIR's statement reveals their true motivation, " for the immediate and unconditional release of Jill Carroll, a journalist with a well-documented record of objective reporting and respect for both the Iraqi people and Arab-Islamic culture. (emphasis mine)".

Noted Blogger Debbie Schlussel observered about an editorial which appeared in the Jordan Times, that "...if you are an American citizen who supports American policy in the Middle East, and you are kidnapped by insurgents, you are the "right target." You deserved it and should be beheaded.But if you oppose U.S. policy in the Mid-East, LIKE JILL CARROLL DOES, then you are the "wrong target." It appears that CAIR shares a similar rationale with the Jordan Times. Try discovering CAIR's efforts or statements to free Jack Hensley (a construction worker), Nick Berg (civilian contractor), or any of the other Americans who were kidnapped and executed in Iraq - you won't find any.


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