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Media Gives Pass To John Walker Lindh - Publishes ...

Media Gives Pass To John Walker Lindh - Publishes Father's Outrageous Claims

The Mainstream Media frequently appears to side with or at a minimum appease terrorist actions. In this latest move, CNN provided coverage of a recent rant by notorious American terrorist John Walker Lindh's father, Frank Lindh. Mr. Lindh claims among other things, "What happened unfortunately for John is that the United States made an abrupt change after the 9/11 attacks," Frank Lindh said. "We switched sides. John was on the ground there when that happened. He certainly didn't go to Afghanistan to do anything against America. He never fought against America. He never fired a gun at an American. He was simply rescued."

The evidence suggests a different story. According to the "Statement of Facts" signed by Mr. Lindh as part of his plea agreement, JWL was an active and willing warrior in a known terrorist organization.

The original indictment was evening more damning, From Count 1, Conspiracy to commit murder...

"11. In or about June and July 2001, LINDH remained at the al-Farooq camp and participated fully in its training activities, after having been told early in his stay at the camp that Bin Laden had sent forth some fifty people to carry out twenty suicide terrorist operations against the United States and Israel.12. In or about June and July 2001, as part of his al Qaeda training, LINDH participated in terrorist training courses in, among other things, weapons, orienteering, navigation, explosives and battlefield combat, which included the use of shoulder weapons, pistols, and rocket-propelled grenades, and the construction of Molotov cocktails.13. In or about June or July 2001, LINDH met personally with Bin Laden, who thanked him and other trainees for taking part in jihad.14 In or about June or July 2001, LINDH met with a senior al Qaeda official, Abu Mohammad Al-Masri, who asked LINDH whether he was interested in traveling outside Afghanistan to conduct operations against the United States and Israel. LINDH declined in favor of going to the front lines to fight.15. In or about June or July 2001, LINDH swore allegiance to jihad.16. In or about July or August 2001, after completing his training, LINDH traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan and was issued an AKM rifle, with a barrel suitable for long-range shooting.17. In or about July or August 2001, LINDH carried the AKM rifle while he traveled, together with approximately 15O non-Afghani fighters, from Kabul to the front line in Takhar, in northeastern Afghanistan. There, LINDH's unit was placed under the command of Abdul Hady, an Iraqi. 20. After learning about the terrorist attacks against the United States on or about September 11, 2001, LINDH remained with his fighting group. LINDH did so despite having been told that Bin Laden had ordered the attacks, that additional terrorist attacks were planned, and that additional al Qaeda personnel were being sent from the training camps to the front lines to protect Bin Laden and defend against an anticipated military response from the United States.21. From in or about October through early December 2001, LINDH remarried with his fighting group after learning that United States military forces and United States nationals had become directly engaged in support of the Northern Alliance in its military conflict with Taliban and al Qaeda forces. "

Hardly the "choir boy" or should we say "muhammed boy" that his father made him out to be. For a list of the documents filed in the JWL case.


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