Friday, September 25, 2009

In the last month, nearly a dozen Muslims have been arrested in the United States on credible charges of domestic terrorism. Is this coincidence or is something else at hand? Let's investigate further:
1) August 2009, seven men are arrested in North Carolina with plans to attack the marine base, Quantico, among other targets.
2) September 2009, three men including a father and son in Colorado and an Imam in NYC are arrested after a terror surveillance action disintegrates. One man is charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.
3) September 2009, an Illinois man is arrested as he used a cell phone to try to detonate a phony bomb he believed was inside a van he had just parked outside the federal building.
4) September 2009, the FBI arrests a Jordanian national living illegally in the U.S. after he attempted to place a "phony" car bomb outside of a federal office building in Dallas.
What are the common threads in all of these terror plots? Those arrested are all male and Muslims. Is there anything significant about the "timing" of these plots? Why August/September?
The Muslim holiday Ramadan began August 22nd and ended with the celebration of Eid-Al-Fitr on September 20th. Ramadan is a month long period when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset and refrain from anything worldly (yes sexual relations too). It is characterized by a period of heightened "spirituality" and increased prayer. Supposedly, it was during this time in the 8th century that the Quran was revealed to Mohammad.
According to several hadiths, during Ramadan all sins will be forgiven and whomever dies will immediately enter paradise.
Does this mean that during Ramadan all Muslims will necessarily radicalize? Of course not, but when one is dealing with fanatical mindsets, the period of Ramadan becomes an impetus for the devoted to execute their terror judgements.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Who are the real victims behind the recent attempted terror attack against Jews in New York City? Why Muslims, of course!

This seems to be an absolutely laughable assertion except this is actually how the mainstream media is portraying the recent attempted terror attack on synagogues in New York City. In a nightmarish realization of Orwellian doublespeak, WCBS TV in NYC actually blames the victims and ascribes sympathy to the perverse religion which perpetrates terror across the globe:

As we saw after Sept. 11, 2001, the invisible victims of Islamic terrorism are other Muslims, millions of people who are horrified by the thought that some of their own could turn the words of the Quran into a justification for murder.

Unfortunately, reporter Don Dahler's facts aren't entirely correct. According to FBI statistics, reports of hate crimes directed at Muslims are quite low. While there was an "uptick" in the recorded number of hate crimes against Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11, the numbers were exceedingly small and they rapidly tailed off to baseline levels. In fact the number of hate crimes against Muslims in the United States pales in comparison to the number of hate crimes targeting Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics, Whites, Gays, and yes even Pacific Islanders. Thus, of any "minority" in this country Muslims are the least likely to be targeted for their appearance or religious practices.

CBS continues its obfuscation with the following statement:

And whenever something like this happens, the thousands of good, law-abiding, patriotic Muslims worry that once again, the stereotype of a violent Islam is once again being perpetuated.

Perhaps this is true, but as a whole the Muslim community has been silent on the issue of Islamic terror and extremism. While, CBS manages to find one Imam who would go on the record condemning the recent attempted terror attack, the lack of visible opposition in the American Muslim community to such actions is painfully apparent. If the majority of Muslims are "good, law-abiding, (and) patriotic" then why aren't they making their revulsions known? Where are the editorials, press conferences, and rallies sponsored by Muslim communities condemning these actions? The silence is almost as deafening as the mainstream media's lack of attention to the latest attempted terror attack and the issues surrounding the true nature of its origins...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Supremacists target Black Churches...
Media Yawns?

Imagine what would happen if a handful of white supremacists acquired C4 explosive and planted the munitions around African-American churches in an obvious terror plot? How would the mainstream media cover this and what would the nation's reaction be?

Yesterday, May 20th four Muslim-Americans were captured by FBI agents in a carefully orchestrated "sting" operation as the home-grown terrorists were busy placing what they thought was C4 around New York City synagogues. The New York Post and the New York Daily News provided detailed, front page accounts of the attempted terror incident. According to the report in the Daily News the men,

"...wanted to make a statement," a law enforcement source said. "They were filled with rage and wanted to take it out on what they considered the source of all problems in America - the Jews."

The group's alleged ringleader, James Cromitie, according to the complaint, discussed targets with an undercover agent. "The best target [the World Trade Center] was hit already," he allegedly told the agent. Later, he rejoiced in a terrorist attack on a synagogue.
"I hate those motherf-----s, those f---ing Jewish bastards. . . . I would like to get [destroy] a synagogue."

So, how did some of the most respected mainstream newspapers report the story? Initially, the New York Times buried the issue with a diminutive AP report, though now the story has become too big to ignore. Nonetheless, the Times does its best to minimize the gravity and impact of this horrific terror plot. This is how the NYT's leads the story,

The four men arrested Wednesday night in what the authorities said was a plot to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military planes at an Air National Guard base in Newburgh, N.Y. were petty criminals who appeared to be acting alone, not in concert with any terrorist organization, the New York City police commissioner said Thursday.

It's not until the 11th paragraph that the reader learns the relevant details and again the Times does its utmost to diminish their importance:

The four men arrested are all Muslim, a law enforcement official said. Mr. Cromitie, whose parents had lived in Afghanistan before his birth, had told the informant that he was upset about the war in Afghanistan and that that he wanted to do “something to America.” Mr. Cromitie stated “the best target” — the World Trade Center — “was hit already,” according to the complaint.

At one level, we should applaud the NYT's for even reporting on the incident, as another national paper, the Washington Post has deemed the story largely irrelevant. Below is a screen capture of the current electronic version of the WaPo. One sees that the lead photograph is that of a cute and cuddly panda while the headline stories involve Obama's concern on the Gitmo detainees, the economy, etc. Where is the breaking splash about a domestic terror plot? Why, it's relegated to a tiny corner under the heading of "more headlines" - see screen capture two.

Clicking on the link brings the reader to a report written by Tom McElroy of the AP. This dispassionate piece is so sanitized that the reader is left wondering who the men were, what were their motivations, and why did this occur? The WaPo and Mr. McElroy violate every basic tenet of Journalism in their clearly whitewashed report.

Obviously, this terror plot is an emerging situation so details and information are still forthcoming. Yet, the lack of regard for the severity of this attempted domestic terror attack and the failure to provide relevant information on the part of mainstream media outlets is inexcusable. Had any other minority group in this country been singled out in this fashion, the media and politicians would have elevated this to the forefront.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Barack's Boondoggle Flyover Contest

Washington, D.C. - Word comes today from the White House that Louis Caldera, Director of the White House Military Office and chief orchestrator of the Air Force One flyover of New York City for an aerial photo shoot which caused widespread panic for residents reminiscent of 9/11, resigned. In addition, the White House released a photograph captured during the horrifying stunt which has cost taxpayers an estimated $357,000. Also leaked was a purported internal investigation from the White House Counsel which illustrated the insane thinking which was involved in the planning and execution of the flyover.

Given the state of the economy and in consideration of New Yorkers' feelings (afterall they helped to place the anointed one where he is today) we suggest that the White House refrains from repeating any further flyovers and instead spends a few minutes with commercially available software to create Barack's Boondoggle Flyover Contest. Furthermore, we humbly submit a list of prizes for the choicest of entries:
Grand Prize Winner - A luxury all expense trip to D.C., where the winner is wined and dined at one of the many White House weekly parties. Imagine the excitement of tasting $100 lb. Kobe beef and rubbing elbows with elite tax cheats like Timothy Geithner! First Prize - A session with Barack's own teleprompter in the White House press conference room. Enjoy the thrill of standing in front of TV cameras reading a karaoke script in front of adoring fans! Second Prize - An afternoon with Michelle in the White House garden. Learn about the White House's efforts to plant an environmentally friendly vegetable garden while touring around in one of the dozens of carbon belching armored SUV's!

All prizes do not include taxes (which of course are going up!), fees, and processing charges. Additionally, all winners must agree to proclaim an oath of allegiance to Obama and pass mandatory screening procedures. One entry per email address, please.

Obama Original... Cost? $357,000

Here's our entry... cost? zero + five minutes in PS

New Entry - Thanks J.R.!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pirates attack Belgian ship - will they show mercy?

Word comes today that Somali pirates captured a Belgian dredging ship and its ten member crew. I wonder if the pirates will demonstrate mercy and release the innocent men? Afterall, the Belgian Parliament just passed a resolution condemning the Pope for his statement that condom use was not the sole (or is it soul) answer to Africa's AIDS epidemic. Then again the Somali Pirates are Muslims and while they may dislike the pope, they disdain areligious Kuffirs even more.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama's new vision; our enemies are our friends and our friends are enemies.

This week marks a seminal change in American foreign policy, one in which America's allies are alienated while our tyrannical enemies are coddled. Look no further than the developments in Latin America. First, we have the recent pronouncement that the Obama administration intends to "seek a new beginning" with Cuba. This "thaw" in what are otherwise characterized as icy relations include the relaxation on travel restrictions and remittances (transfer of monies). Apparently, Obama had no intention of holding the dictatorial regime's feet to the fire and demand human rights reformation or freedom for political prisoners.

Instead, our esteemed colander-in-chief was busy embracing and seeking acceptance from one of America's other enemies, Hugo Chavez. At least he didn't prostrate himself in front of the murderous tyrant in the same fashion that he did with the King of the House of Fraud.

While the knock-kneed POTUS was busy cavorting with dictators, his minions were busy tossing one of our true allies, Israel under the Obama bus. According to the Australian paper, "The Age", Obama's hit-man Rahm Emanuel delivered an ultimatum that if Israel wanted help with Iran, they had better begin evacuating the West Bank. This was followed by the recent revelation that an upcoming meeting scheduled between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Obama has been canceled.

If dumping on our Israeli friends wasn't enough, Obama missed no chance to crap on patriotic Americans including military personnel and gun owners. A carefully timed "report" released by the Department of Homeland Security labels individuals who subscribe to these beliefs as being of particularly high risk, even though it has no specific information suggesting that this is the case.

Nonetheless, the Obama administration is not assuaged. It deems patriotic Americans and allies like Israel as enemies, while our true enemies including Cuba, Chavez, and the Saudis are subsumed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Across the country many thousands of law-abiding Americans gathered at hundreds of "Tea-Party" rallies to demonstrate their angst and disgust over the run-away spending and outrageous tax policies of the current administration. Back in March, I had the opportunity to attend the first D.C. "Tea-Party". Contrary to CNN Reports, the "Tea-Parties" are grass-roots efforts and are not the creation of Fox News.
While I was, unfortunately unable to attend today's event in D.C. several occurrences were very disturbing. As I reported in January of this year, during George Bush's last day in office around 100 moonbats marched to the White House carrying signs and promptly threw their shoes over the fence while chanting anti-Bush slogans. What were the reactions of White House officials? Absolutely, nothing.
Contrast this response with that of the current administration today. First, the protesters who attended the D.C. rally attempted to dump 1,000,000 tea-bags in Lafayette Park. This was promptly thwarted by the National Park Service, who claimed that the group did not have the necessary permits. Likewise a rally slated near the Treasury Department was also canceled due to "permit issues".
More nefarious was how today's D.C. Tea Party was suddenly forced to disperse. Apparently, around 2:00 pm an unidentified individual threw a bag over the White House fence. Whereas, the throwing of dozens of shoes prompted no response by the Bush administration some four months ago, this lone box of tea bags provoked an immediate response by Secret Service Agents. They forcibly cleared Pennsylvania Avenue as well as Lafayette Park effectively ending the gathering.
It seems that the Obama Administration, the same group who just released a report characterizing nearly everyone as "right wing extremists" is more paranoid than Richard Nixon. Then again, perhaps he has good reason to be so concerned. According to a recent report by the PEW Research Center, Obama is the most polarizing President in modern history. But of course, the MSM has completely ignored the PEW's findings and they will undoubtedly ignore the events of today except to minimize and distort the importance of the "Tea-Party" movement.
While it appears from every indication that the "Tea-Parties" were highly successful, one naturally asks, "What's next?" Apart from continuing the grass-roots momentum, writing the President and Congress, I would propose the following:
Reclaim "May Day" as the worker's day. Imagine if on May 1st of 2009 every working man and woman, every honest, tax-paying citizen in America stayed home. Consider the impact that this simple and decisive action would achieve and the message this would deliver to our "elected officials."
Like this idea? Well please feel free to develop and disseminate the message. It's time for the real "workers" of America to unite. Let freedom ring and let's retake our country!

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