Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama's new vision; our enemies are our friends and our friends are enemies.

This week marks a seminal change in American foreign policy, one in which America's allies are alienated while our tyrannical enemies are coddled. Look no further than the developments in Latin America. First, we have the recent pronouncement that the Obama administration intends to "seek a new beginning" with Cuba. This "thaw" in what are otherwise characterized as icy relations include the relaxation on travel restrictions and remittances (transfer of monies). Apparently, Obama had no intention of holding the dictatorial regime's feet to the fire and demand human rights reformation or freedom for political prisoners.

Instead, our esteemed colander-in-chief was busy embracing and seeking acceptance from one of America's other enemies, Hugo Chavez. At least he didn't prostrate himself in front of the murderous tyrant in the same fashion that he did with the King of the House of Fraud.

While the knock-kneed POTUS was busy cavorting with dictators, his minions were busy tossing one of our true allies, Israel under the Obama bus. According to the Australian paper, "The Age", Obama's hit-man Rahm Emanuel delivered an ultimatum that if Israel wanted help with Iran, they had better begin evacuating the West Bank. This was followed by the recent revelation that an upcoming meeting scheduled between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Obama has been canceled.

If dumping on our Israeli friends wasn't enough, Obama missed no chance to crap on patriotic Americans including military personnel and gun owners. A carefully timed "report" released by the Department of Homeland Security labels individuals who subscribe to these beliefs as being of particularly high risk, even though it has no specific information suggesting that this is the case.

Nonetheless, the Obama administration is not assuaged. It deems patriotic Americans and allies like Israel as enemies, while our true enemies including Cuba, Chavez, and the Saudis are subsumed.

You said it all

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