Monday, January 19, 2009


Giving thanks to "W" on his last day in office.

This afternoon we decided to take a trip into the city to see some of the preparations being made for the inauguration and to pay homage to George W Bush for his 8 years of service to the American people. The mood in D.C. was rather electric with thousands of people walking the streets, taking pictures and enjoying the scene. Vendors were out in full force hawking just about any kind of paraphernalia that one could expect - buttons, t-shirts, earrings, posters, etc.

As we made our way through Lafayette park on the way towards Pennsylvania Avenue and the White House, we encountered our first moonbat.

The media seemed to be out in force with crews from around the world.

As we turned, erected before us (on the left) in all of its splendid glory as if constructed by Zeus himself, the Obama Pantheon where the Obamamessiah will regale himself as his legions of the mesmerized will parade themselves down Pennsylvania Avenue. Within arms reach across the street the humble platform where all of his adoring media wonks will be stationed, waiting desperately to catch a glimpse, perhaps a smile, a nod, or any sign affirming acknowledgement from their sustainer...

Suddenly, our sacred moment was interrupted by the appearance of this devilish figure:

The lady doth protest to much methinks. Though the speakers were playing Sousa, the sounds magically morphed themselves into the most heavenly, ethereal whispers - "Change", "Hope", a chorus of angels were beckoning us ever closer as if they were mystical Sirens leading us to an unbeknownst fate on the rocks. And then, emerging out of the chaos into the crisp, gray, Washington air they came. Slowly at first, chanting their ever unintelligible, unhinged cries, a small band of modern day fanatics appeared - numbering about 100 strong, ANSWER, Code Pink, Veterans Against The War, International Socialists Organization, and just about every other wacko that one could imagine...

What would a day without paper mache be?

Not only were the young there, but the old and infirm - holding their pro-Palestinian signs.

And perhaps amongst my favorites was this pathetic pig who enthusiastically asked her child if he wanted to throw his shoes at Bush. Nice Hamas/Hitler youth like education!

Amazing how the homeless can afford $150 Uggs. That's Socialism for ya'!

This guy was mugging for the camera all day - he must have been so proud of his witticism. I wonder how many nights he stayed up thinking about it?

To think that this pair could be reproducing is just sick. The reporter was smiling though.

The band of loons slowly made their way through the crowd to a point near the bleachers and then with great glee they threw their appointed shoes towards the White House. Note, they didn't throw their own shoes, couldn't let the tootsies get cold and well $150 Uggs cost, $150. Not to spoil their fun, but if they had so many pairs of shoes to throw, wouldn't they be better off donated to a homeless shelter or to those in need?

Since the loon patrol was getting boring, we made our way around to the west side of the White House. Just when we thought all was lost, there, out of mist and salt dust came a great and spectacular site. Like Pegasus swooping down from the skies, our hero BellerObama materialized to the delight of the ever hopeful crowd.

Lest your heart be asunder, I provide this image of the magical hero BellerObama with his trusty steed.

The END?

I'm so glad I don't live in DC.

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