Saturday, March 28, 2009

Times Online UK Perpetuates Anti-Israel Stance

Who could forget this disturbing image published by the NY Times in September of 2000? It was subsequently determined that the photograph was mislabeled and the bloodied individual captured in the photograph was not a "Palestinian" but a Jewish student from Chicago, Tuvia Grossman. The policeman was rescuing Mr. Grossman and his friends after they were savagely beaten by Palestinian mobs in the streets of Jerusalem and not on the Temple Mount as indicated in the caption. Irrespective of the facts, the intent on the part of the media was clear; depict the Israelis as aggressors and Palestinians as victims.

Over the intervening years, the media has continued its propaganda assault against the Jewish state, both in print, in video, and in photographs. In keeping with this tradition of vile anti-Israel hatred, the Times Online UK has produced the latest misleading photograph which appeared in today's version of its Middle East news.

Here's the page in it's original context:

Look at the unsettling image in the lower middle portion of the page. It appears to be a man whose face is contorted with rage, wielding an axe in a rather menacing pose. Read the caption below the photograph:

Who is the man with the axe? Is he a "resident" or a "Jewish rightwinger?" The caption is deliberately vague though a mouse roll over reveals the truth:

Clicking on the "slide show" link confirms the correct caption for the photograph of the axe brandishing maniac is in fact an Arab and not one of the Israeli protesters. I doubt a correction or retraction will be forthcoming.

I'd take his bulldozer keys away.

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