Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today, Britain announced it's official surrender as a "free state" and has formally agreed to Sharia rule. With the banning of entry of Dutch member of Parliment, Geert Wilders to Great Britain, the British Parliment has removed the "Union Jack" in favor of the "Dar al-Harb" flag. The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who enacted the ban was quoted as saying, "Hopefully, as soon as the other Kuffirs are put to death, we'll be able to lower the "Dar al-Harb" banner in favor of the more traditional and peaceful "Dar al-Islam" flag."

I can only surmise that UK authority is so weak, they fear their Muslim populace. Why else would you block Mr. Wilder's and his message ?

We have lost a formerly strong ally. When will the free world fight back ?

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