Saturday, March 11, 2006


UNC Chancellor Moeser Hedges And Panders
UNC Chancellor,
James Moeser refused to label the SUV attack on students by Taheri-azar a case of domestic terrorism
. In a statement to reporters Moeser remarked, "the fact is, this is not the university's call." The Chancellor offered this further revelation, "this could feel like terrorism, especially if you're standing in front of a Jeep that's heading toward you trying to kill you."

Concerning the reports of a unicorn appearing on campus, Moeser refrained from commenting saying that he, "had to consult the Easter Bunny on the veracity of the sighting." The Jolly-Green Giant refused to comment.

The sad truth is that Moeser, like many other persons of stature in this country, appears to be living in a fantasy world and is unable to offer any objective analysis . Obviously, he shouldn't be leading a major university and I call on UNC students to seek his dismissal. The War on Terror, or more correctly phrased, The War on Western Civilization is well underway and we can ill-afford having ineffective and counter-productive leaders at the helm.


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