Thursday, March 02, 2006

More on the Hayat Terror Case

Joel Mowbray of the Washington Times
provides a cogent analysis and update on the media's failure to cover this extremely important terror trial. One of the most tantalizing details to emerge was, that "Hamid Hayat and his father, Umer, were stopped at Dulles International Airport as they were preparing to fly to Pakistan in April 2003. Agents discovered that between them, the father, an ice cream vendor, and son, a farm hand, had $28,093 in cash. (Any amount in excess of $10,000 must be declared.) Most of the money was confiscated, though neither was arrested. Yet the mystery remains: How did two menial laborers stumble into that much cash?"
Another question which remains unanswered is what were they planning to do with the money?

Mowbray asks why hasn't the national media picked up on this very important story? Apart from some local coverage (referenced here in earlier threads) the major newspapers and television networks have been virtually silent on this issue.


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