Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Irvine Protest Images Are Trickling In...

from AP and they are more informative than the journalistic reporting so far - afterall, a photo is "worth a thousand words."

If these individuals are so concerned about "justice" then I would submit the following:

Where were your protests after 3000 Americans were brutally murdered by your kinsmen on 9/11? Where were your protests when Muslim terrorists murdered almost 200 Spaniards on commuter trains? Where were your protests when dozens of Brits were slaughtered riding the Underground and busses? Where were your protests when Muslim mobs were rioting through France? Where were your protests when Hamas madmen were murdering innocent Israelis in pizzarias, on busses, or at religious gatherings?

Ahh..., I know the answer - you're wearing green - proving that the "Fifth Column" is operative.

Blogs with accounts from the meeting: Mere rhetoric and Rayra. NPR has picked up an audio segment - though on the surface it seems rather balanced, the underlying agenda tries to draw a moral equivalence between the conference organizers and the protesters (sound familiar?).


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