Friday, March 24, 2006

CAIR Stopped; Has To Settle

Two years ago, CAIR filed a libel suit against former Navy man and anti-CAIR founder, Andrew Whitehead. In a settlement announced today, the action has been dismissed.

According to Mr. Whitehead's attorney
Mr. Rubinstein said, "Cair's interest in settling the suit intensified late last year just as a judge was considering whether the group should be forced to disclose additional details about its inner workings, including its financing and its alleged ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups.

"It would have opened up Cair's finances and their relationships and their principles, their ideological motivations in a way they did not want to be made public," said Mr. Rubenstein, who represented Mr. Whitehead without charge.

Mr. Rubenstein charged that the lawsuit was one of a series of suits filed by Cair and other Muslim organizations as part of a concerted effort to intimidate their critics. "It's part of a larger pattern groups like this have followed. If you say something some of those Muslim groups don't like, they sue you even though the cases have no merit," the attorney said. "You change people's behavior simply by bringing the lawsuit."

"It looks like all they're really trying to do is stifle free speech," Mr. Whitehead said.

Full details at the NY Sun

Another victory against those who oppose us!


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