Friday, March 17, 2006

CAIR Is Becoming More Openly Anti-Semitic

CAIR's true nature has been bubbling forth lately and the product, well stinks. A recent posting on the CAIR website titled, "U.S. Jewish Group Promotes 'What's Wrong With Islam'" links to an original article which appeared in the LA Times carrying the headline, "Islam Fatally Flawed, Says Voice From Corona via Al Jazeera". Beyond the creative editing of the headline, CAIR included a highly edited version of the original article. In fact, not only did CAIR blatantly alter the intent of the headline to something more specious, they selectively deleted key portions of the article to radically change the article's meaning (read the articles side by side to realize the differences).

This isn't the first time that CAIR has been caught selectively "editing" the truth. In September of 2005, the blogger, Robert Spencer caught CAIR photoshopping a photo to comply with Islamic correctness. It will be interesting to see how they talk their way out of this latest one.


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