Thursday, February 23, 2006

So Many Terrorists, So Little Time...

By now, most people know about the indictment of the terror cell operating in and around Toledo. The three terror suspects, Mohammad Zaki Amawi, Marwan Othman el-Hindi and Wassim Mazloum were accused by the DOJ of "conspiring to commit acts of terrorism against persons overseas, including U.S. military personnel serving in Iraq, and with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists". Read the entire indictment here.

Apart from weapons training, bomb construction and other nefarious activities, the indicted co-conspirators were just ordinary guys according to the mainstream media. In fact, the Toledo Blade produced this dribble which described one of the bums as a, "sensitive artist".

As details slowly emerge about the perpetrators, the more one should be concerned. El-Hindi spent time as a prison "Imam", undoubtedly filling the minds of prisoners with "jihadi" rhetoric. More concerning was that this man moved relatively easily through Muslim communities in New York, Michigan, Oregon, and Ohio, undoubtedly receiving assistance along the way. Of note, El-Hindi was arrested in 1991 for receiving stolen property and was convicted of a misdemeanor related to a property issue.

In an un-related effort, one of the two original Virginia Jihadists found not guilty, Sabri Benkahla was indicted again on charges of lying to a grand jury. How quickly we forget about the pervasiveness of "The Fifth Column."


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