Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Muslims Challenge Law & Liquor in Oakland, CA

Muslims Challenge Law & Liquor in Oakland, CA

The selling of liquor is legal and regulated by the State of California, so why would this upset Muslim leaders in Oakland, CA? That question was punctuated by a rally in front of City Hall and a march held to intimidate shop keepers from selling alcohol this past Saturday. According to two reports (SF Chronicle & Inside Bay Area), approximately 150 Bay Area Muslims gathered to protest the sale of liquor store owners, many of whom are Muslims themselves.

Recalling the attacks on Oakland liquor stores a few weeks ago by assailants identified to be associated with a local Muslim bakery, Faheem Shuaibe, resident imam of the Masjidul Waritheen mosque in East Oakland noted, "It was the right intent, but simply done in the wrong way."

According to the Inside Bay Area, “The march and rally were planned by Muslims and mosque officers from all over the Bay Area.

But initially it looked like a march by supporters and associates of Your Black Muslim Bakery, Inc. The march of 75 men, women and children was preceded by three luxury cars, a Chevrolet Suburban, a Lexus and a BMW, each carrying distinctive red-and-white crescent flags.
A phalanx of men in black coats ran alongside the cars, ahead of the marchers. The group stopped at liquor stores along the route, and Your Black Muslim Bakery representatives stationed themselves like sentries at the door of each store.”

Where were the police during all of this? Isn't it a crime to intimidate minorities in this country? Aren't U.S. laws the basis for our societal governance? Since when did religious doctrine trump our legal doctrine. These developments are quite scary indeed.


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