Monday, February 27, 2006

CAIR Joins Attacks On U.C. Irvine Republicans Over Display of Cartoons

An important story is developing at the University of California Irvine Campus, where the local chapter of the College Republicans is planning a panel discussion on Islamic extremism. As part of the forum, the Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammed as well as various anti-Semitic and anti-Western cartoons published in Muslim newspapers will be displayed.

Muslim students and CAIR have raised objections, naturally not to the showing of anti-Semitic and anti-Western material, but to the featuring of the Danish cartoons. According to the LA Times, Muslim students see this as a "provocation". Further, they intimate that the cartoons "will incite violence locally". CAIR has also supported the Muslim students' assertions, printing an "action alert" on their website.


UPDATE: Link to the flier describing the event.

NBC4 has a more recent summation
, saying that security has increased on the Irvine campus in anticipation of the conference. Muslim students are planning a protest and who knows what else?


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